Discovery Channel Official launch of ‘Lone target’ (AKA Manhunt) with Joel Lambert

Nearly 2 years in the making, shot in 6 countries with some of the best television makers in the US and UK, are proud to announce the launch date (see details below) of this great new show that the team worked on from its conception back in 2011 through to completion. Well done to every one involved .. too numerous to mention but you know who you are! An awesome team that we hope to work with again in the future. Particular thanks and congratulations go to Joel, the host of the show and some one we are going to see a whole lot more of, great working with you buddy and looking forward to doing it all again. Below are a couple of teasers from the show .. It wasn’t your run of the mill TV shoot!

Click on the links below   (Videos contain some strong language and graphic images)

Discovery Channel Host Runs Into Lions on New Show ‘Lone target’ (AKA Manhunt) with Joel Lambert

Discovery Channel Producer Gets Stabbed by Fish and almost Dies.

Discovery Channel has set a January 1 launch for Lone Target, a rugged adventure contest that pits 10-year Navy SEAL vet Joel Lambert against elite military and law enforcement tracking teams that include the U.S. Army’s Phantom Recon unit, the Straz Graniczna border guard in Poland, South African International Anti-Poaching Foundation, the Philippines Army Scout Rangers, an elite anti-drug force from Panama, and a National Police SWAT unit from South Korea. Lambert will be dropped into unknown treacherous terrain with a basic survival kit and water, and will use diversionary tactics and attempt to evade capture by each one of those elite forces for 48 hours in a series that will air at 10 PM on Discovery. The show will then air in 224 countries on Discovery Channel under the title Manhunt, starting in February. So there is a lot of national pride on the line for these search teams.

(see posts on the right for images from the shoot locations)

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