Underrated locations: Thailand Scout for “Real Survivor”

It never fails to amaze me how some shoot locations are so underrated. We have just returned from a scout/shoot in the Chiang Dao mountains of Northern Thailand, a location we have worked in a lot and a place that, like so many others, is put in to a ‘pigeon hole’ and rarely considered. Be it for survival (as in this case) Cultural, Natural history or what ever, the region has so much to offer, yet when ever pitching it as a location, producers seemed to have their Southern Thailand, Sex industry, full moon parties, beaches and tourist blinkers on and rarely give it a second thought. Incredibly diverse, easy to film in, in terms of permissions and clearances and about as far from the Southern image most have of Thailand than you can get,  the huge array of colourful Sino, Tibetan hill tribes, lush jungles and Bamboo forests, vibrant temples, Markets and bustling cities, are a film makers paradise. Please take a moment to view the gallery and enjoy a glimpse of Northern Thailand.

(Images courtesy and copyright of Isabelle Neill and TAFFS.tv)



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