professional recommendations


“Everybody I know always speaks highly of Woody. We first met in Brunei when he joined the organisation I was working for in 1999. Over the next 2 years, we worked together as instructors on a small team instructing and mentoring UK and International students, often spending long periods deployed to remote areas of jungle training in survival, jungle warfare and tracking. Throughout this period, I got to know Woody as a thoroughly professional individual, who has an extraordinary ability to get along with anyone. His passion for the jungle and endless determination to better himself has earned him a reputation as a top quality individual. I know Woody to be a grafter, a man whose moral standards, diligence and management style, sets him apart from others. Woody’s greatest strength is his passion and ability to pass on his knowledge and expertise to others, to bring out the best an individual. Over the past 9 years our paths have crossed on many occasions and I strongly recommend Woody as a great work colleague and a friend.”

John Jones MBE, Training Manager and Co-ordinator,

“The fact is there just aren't many people like Woody in the world. His experience and depth of knowledge of survival Bushcraft is something you can only acquire through a lifetime of hard work. What also stands Woody apart from others is his ability to pass on his experience to others so succinctly. He's been an absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn't recommend him highly enough.”

Caspar Thykier Mobile Developer/ Publisher

“Andy Wood is the consummate professional. His knowledge and skills within his profession are excellent. It has been my privilege to experience Andy's work first hand and there is no one better. He is an easy recommendation as he is so good at what he does; this extends to other skills outside the preferred delivery of his subject.”

Dave Pearce, Chief Executive, Peak Aspirations, Stunt co-ordinator

“Andy has proven to be an integral part of production with an abundant knowledge of bushcraft and survival techniques. A pleasure to work with and a superb team member. I would advise any company wishing to travel and work in jungle/snow/desert environments to employ Andy's services to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.”

Duncan Gaudin, Assistant Director

““I have known Andrew 'Woody' wood for over 20 years now, both as a good friend and work colleague. Ever professional, diligent, thorough and an outstanding manager. Personable with a wealth of patience and expertise that makes him an outstanding instructor and subject expert not only in his chosen field of Bushcraft and Survival but also in other training and mentoring situations. His Military and Commercial experience in expeditions and travel as well as his knowledge of hostile and harsh climatic environments I believe make him one of the more rounded experts in this field.

I have taken part in his courses and expeditions and found them to be well paced, thorough, well designed, and thoroughly enjoyable. Well worth considering if you need a course, or project manager/mentor for expeditions.”

Paul Clare MSc, MCGI, Security consultant

“I've had the pleasure of working with Woody in various locations around North America. He is resourceful, intelligent and manages to impress all around him with his quiet craft. I'd recommend Woody to anyone who needs a strong team member specialising in bushcraft and survival, TV consultancy, and wilderness guide.”

Robert Toohey, President, and Owner, Robert Toohey Locations Ltd.

“Woody is without doubt one of the most thorough professionals I have ever had the good fortune to work with. Cool under pressure, utterly dependable and extremely resourceful. Looking for a wilderness guide? Woody would be my first choice every time.”

Nick Parks, Safety consultant and stunt co-ordinator, Diverse TV.

“Andrew epitomises a professional survival expert. I have been fortunate to work alongside him in numerous environments including the most extreme. His ability to understand his environment and more importantly adapt in order to survive within it is exemplary. His innovate and creative mind has developed cutting edge equipment that is currently used by the most professional soldiers in the World. The last thing I would like to comment on is his outstanding ability to teach his subject matter to others, not only students but also his peers. I recommend him without reservation.”

Floyd Woodrow, Training Officer, British Army

“I worked as Director on Bear Grylls' Man-vs-Wild series for Discovery Channel in the Dominican Republic. We filmed during hurricane season in remote jungle close to the border with Haiti. As bushcraft and survival expert, Woody was a mainstay of the production, but his contribution far exceeded his professional responsibilities. He provided outstanding technical, editorial, and logistical support, and was a pleasure to work with. I could not recommend him highly enough.”

Carl Hindmarch, Director.

“I worked with Woody on a BBC series we made called Expedition Borneo. It was Woody's job to sort out camp logistics, troubleshoot, and provide medical services whilst in an extremely remote area in the jungles of Borneo. His attitude is definitely "can do and will do" and his affable, fun personality means he's fun to have around as well. I'd recommend Woody highly to anyone.”

Jonny Young BBC Natural History Unit . Hired Andy as a medic, logistics manager and wilderness guide on major BBC TV series.

“I was fortunate enough to work with Andy (From TAFFS) on a high profile project for Discovery Channel, Bear Grylls joined by US comedian Will Ferrell for a one-off survival special in the arctic circle. Andy was terrific in all aspects of his job - he worked tirelessly to ensure all aspects of the trip and the filming were organised well in advanced, took great care of all elements of Health and Safety and made sure every member of the team was on top of his/her job. He is a great organiser and a great leader and was a pleasure to work with.

Dan Korn. Vice president and head of factual, Discovery UK.

“I have scouted and been on expedition to numerous ‘interesting’ places over the years with Woody. Together we have waded through countless jungles and swamps, and hiked through many dusty deserts and barren mountains. Woody is always cool when it matters, laid back, loads of fun and has a wealth of scouting knowledge that is unrivalled. He is an expert in the true sense of the word (although he would adamantly deny it!) and for years he has studied and honed his bushcraft skills with indigenous tribes all over the world.”

Bear Grylls, Television presenter and chief scout.